Laser Assisted Nail Care Excellance LANCE™ A real cure for your Skin & Nail Fungus Infections.

Laser Assisted Nail Care Excellence

LANCE™ A real cure for your Skin & Nail Fungus Infections.

By Dr Ivar E. Roth, DPM/MPH
Having developed a reliable system that is effective 90% of the time, even with severly involved fungus toenails. Compared to methods like Lamisil and or Jublia, that are only at best 25% to 50% effective. In the Jublia study the nails treated only had limited nail involvement of 20 to 50%. Truely the LANCE™ concept is a Revolutionary Paradigm Shift for treating Nail Fungus. Now Affordable to Everyone!
Fungus lives under the nail surface, which makes getting rid of it very difficult. Ealier medical lasers require manual operation to destroy fungus. These often miss areas of infection and can burn sensitive skin.

We use the he FDA-approved NOVEON NAIL LASER (tm) uses patented photobiology and computer controlled operation to quickly and completely destroy fungus. The nail laser is fully automatic, able to treat multiple toes simultaneously, bathing each toenail with a computer controlled mix of lightwaves specifically selected to destroy fungus while controlling heat.

Nail Fungus Video, What You Should Know:

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More About Our Fungus Cured Programs:
These Programs have been developed to give you the ability to review your treatment plan and instructions at your convienience. This will help you understand what is required to follow your treatment plan and thus obtain the optimal results. Includeds Apps and Exclusive Patient Private Website Access.

First Visit $399


A Focused Examination of your Nail & Skin by our Professional Staff.

Customized Treatment Plan.

RX for Prescriptions and OTC Medications.

Maximum Nail Reduction MNR*.

NOVEON Laser Treatment (to all nails requiring laser).

Exclusive Sealant Treatment (if required).

Access to our Exclusive Private Patient Website. FREE foot care APP to make it easy & fun to follow your required treatment plan.

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Follow Up Laser Visits $299
1 to 3 Additional depending on severity of infection


Professional Nail Care

Laser Treatment

Sealant Treatment

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Non Laser Followups $150


Professional Nail Care

Sealant Treatment
Professional Nail Care with Sealant Removal ONLY $125
Professional Nail Care $75 Per Treatment

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LANCE™Cure Your Fungus & Show Your Feet Again!

our clients are always happy!

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